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We made a radio appearance!


FM Koza’s radio show “Dushigua Latino” (every Sunday from 11A.M.) invited us to appear live on air on May 29th (Sun.) to promote the Uchinanchu Festival ! Thanks to the radio hosts Roberto Arakaki and Fukusuke and their humorous radio program, we enjoyed chatting on the show and promoting the Uchinanchu Festival! “Ippē nifē dēbiru! (Thank you very much!)”

As this radio show is also simultaneously translated into Spanish, we were able to inform Spanish speakers about the festival too! It is streamed on YouTube, so please take a look!
(YouTube URL)

We will continue visiting various places to promote the Uchinanchu Festival to many others!
The latest festival information will be uploaded regularly on the official website and other social media, so don’t miss out!