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"Appearing Soon on the 30th Yukarubi Masarubi Sanshin no Hi (RBCi Radio)"!


“Haisai”. To all Uchinanchu around the world.

This year we will be appearing on the 30th annual "Yukaruga Masaruhi Sanshin no Hi (RBCi Radio)".

In this program groups of sanshin enthusiasts, Okinawan folk song groups, Ryukyu classical music groups, associations and schools from inside and outside the prefecture, as well as from overseas, will join together to simultaneously perform "Kagiyade-fuu" .

The broadcast will be live from 11.45am to 9pm on March 4th, 2022. It will be broadcast on the radio as well as on YouTube, so please tune in.

The 30th Yukarubi Masarubi Sanshin no Hi (RBCi Radio)" website:
RBCi Radio YouTube channel: