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Pre-Event of “Churashima Okinawa Cultural Festival 2022!


The pre-event of 100 days to go until “Churashima Okinawa Cultural Festival 2022” was held on July 23rd (Sat.) at AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom. We also appeared on stage to promote the Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (WUF)!

Many came to the event to watch the entertainers such as Eishou Goeku (護得久栄昇) and Nozomi Oogane (大兼のぞみ). The crowd also enjoyed watching high school students from within Okinawa perform on stage!

We would like to thank “Churashima Okinawa Cultural Festival 2022” for cooperating with us to promote the WUF; we will continue to work together to liven up both festivals!