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【Okinawa Times Award】 WUF Receives Special Recognition Award


The Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (WUF) received the Special Recognition Award for the first time at The 66th Okinawa Times Award Presentation Ceremony which was held on July 1 (Fri.). The WUF was recognized for “contributing to connecting people of Okinawan roots spread around the world and creating a worldwide network”. The 7th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival Executive Committee member Mr. Miyagi (Director General of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Okinawa Prefectural Government) made the following comments on stage: “Receiving this award will give us the opportunity to promote and share this festival with many others, including those who are not aware of our festival yet. This festival will be held on the 50th year milestone of Okinawa’s reversion to mainland Japan, and we will continue passing down and developing the Uchina network”.

The festival mascot Kasamaru appeared at the ceremony as well. Kasamaru took photos together with other attendees and promoted the festival. Receiving this award will further boost the momentum of our secretariat to promote and liven up the festival.