Greetings from the Host

Haisai, gusuyo, chuuganabira.

As we move towards holding of the 7th Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival, I would like to share a few words.
In 2022, we will finally hold the "Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival". Starting with October 30th`s festival-eve parade, from October 31st to November 3rd we are planning to hold an opening ceremony and various other events.

Okinawa Prefecture is one of Japan`s largest migrant prefectures. In the history of more than a century, Uchinānchu who went abroad before and after World War Two have overcome many difficulties by supporting each other with the strong Uchinānchu bond and spirit in a new land far away from home. Today, Uchinānchu have built up trust as members of their respective country's societies and continue to be active in various fields such as politics, economics, culture, and academia.

This Uchinā Network which we should show with pride to the world has been passed down and developed as a strong bond based on the spirit of Chimugukuru and Yuimaru. This is demonstrated by times such as when in 2019 after the fire at Shuri Castle, Kenjinkai among others domestically and internationally sent a great deal of heartfelt support to Okinawa.

The Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival was first held in 1990 with the aim of establishing and developing a worldwide network of Uchinānchu, and this year's Festival will be the 7th.

At the 7th Festival, I would like to confirm once again the unparalleled strength of the Uchinā Network which is connected by the identity and love for Okinawa, and to pass it on and further develop it, as well as to spread Okinawa's unique soft power, in addition to the utilization of the uniqueness of Okinawa, we will practice sustainable exchange and cooperation through the use of the latest technologies, including ICT, and contribute to the development of not only Okinawa but also other regions.

The Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival Executive Committee will be making preparations for the event to be held in a hybrid format, including online, not only for participants domestically and overseas but also so those who are unable to make the way back to their homeland of Okinawa can participate.

I sincerely ask support and cooperation from the people of the prefecture, including Uchinānchu in Japan and abroad, as well as the people of other prefectures and related parties, so that more people can participate in the event and share the pride and excitement with Uchinānchu to make the event a success.

Yutasaru gutu unige sabira.

June, 2021
The 7th Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival Executive Committee Chairman
Governor of Okinawa, Denny Tamaki