Shurijo Castle Restoration Festival 2022



(1)Sat. Oct 29 and Sun. Oct 30
(2)Sat. Oct 29, Sun. Oct 30, and Thu/P.H. Nov 3
(3)Thu/P.H. Nov 3
(4)Sat. Oct 29 to Wed. Nov 2
(5)Sat. Oct 29 to Sun. Oct 30
(6)Sat. Oct 29 to Wed. Nov 2
(7)Sat. Oct 29 to Thu./P.H. Nov 3

LocationNaha City
Shurijo Castle Park and its surrounding areas

The main events include the King and Queen's Appearance and the Ryukyu Dynasty Festival Shuri "Koshiki March", as well as the "Traditional Performing Arts Performance" and "Ryukyu Awamori no Sui in Zenikura" (an Awamori workshop).
(1)The King and Queen's Appearance
(2)Shurijo Castle Restoration Special Tour
(3)Ryukyu Dynasty Festival Shuri "Koshiki March"
(4)The King & Queen's Royal Portable Chair (Uchū) Riding Experience
(5)Shurijo Castle Restoration Praying Performance Stage
(6)Video Presentation of The Ryukyu Dynasty "Emaki March"
(7)Other Related Events
Scheduled for "Ryukyu Awamori no Sui in Zenikura" (an Awamori workshop) and the Gate Opening Ceremony (Ukējō) performed by youth

Admission Fee/Participation FeeFree Admission (Admission fee applies when entering the "Paid Area")
Hosting OrganizationHost: Shurijo Castle Executive Committee (Okinawa Churashima Foundation)
Co-Host: Naha City, Shuri Shinkokai (Promotion Association), Okinawa Churashima Foundation