Okinawa Peace Prize/Interactive Peace Event
(Held at the Opening Ceremony)



Mon. Oct 31

LocationNaha City
Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha

In addition to the speeches delivered by the 11th Okinawa Peace Prize recipients during the Opening Ceremony program, there will be an Okinawa Peace Prize booth exhibit held at the Okinawa Cellular Park Naha.
The "Okinawa Peace Prize" was established in 2001 with the aim of contributing to the creation of international peace by communicating the "Okinawan spirit", wishing for peace, towards the world.
This year, the 11th Okinawa Peace Prize has been awarded to the Himeyuri Peace Museum, founded by the Himeyuri Alumnae Incoporated Foundation.

How to ApplyRegistration is required in advance. Those who belong to a Kenjinkai, should contact the Kenjinkai you belong to regarding the festival registration. Those who do not belong to any Kenjinkai, please refer to the official festival website for the registration details.
Hosting OrganizationOkinawa Peace Prize Committee
For InquiresPhone: 098-866-2500
Fax: 098-866-2589
E-mail: aa001309@pref.okinawa.lg.jp