National Theatre Okinawa Appreciation Event



①Fri. Oct 14 to Sun. 16 18:30
②Sat. Oct 29 and Sun. 30 14:00
③Sun. Nov 6 14:00
④Wed. Nov 16 and Sat 19 17:00

LocationUrasoe City
National Theatre Okinawa Large Theatre

Performances related to Okinawan and Asian performing arts
①Research Performance "Chokun Goban and Karakuri Hanabi"
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As a commemorative project for the 50th anniversary of Kumiodori as the National Important Intangible Cultural Property, the stage originally built in 1719 in the garden of Shurijo Castle will be restored in the park next to the National Theater. Five masterpieces called "Chokun Goban" created by Chokun Tamagusuku; "Nido Tekuchi", "Shushin Kaneiri", "Mekarushi", "Onna Monogurui", "Koukou no Maki", and "Iriko Odori" will be performed on different days. In addition, "Karakuri Hanabi," a unique fireworks device of the Ryukyu Kingdom which used to be held in the garden of Shurijo Castle will be restored and performed.
②Project Performance: Comedy "Toutoumeh Banzai"
On the 50th milestone of Okinawa's reversion to mainland Japan, "Toutomeh Banzai", one of the comedies from the works of Tatsuhiro Oshiro, Okinawa's first Akutagawa Prize-winning author, will be performed. The play comically depicts a family's problems of "toutoumeh" and inheritance, entwined with overseas emigration and the reversion of Okinawa to mainland Japan. The performance will be held in conjunction with the Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival to explore the new appeal of Okinawan performance.
③Project Performance "Performing Arts in Asia and the Pacific"
Among the many performing arts of the Asia-Pacific region, "Wayankuri", a shadow puppet show from the island of Java, Indonesia, will be performed. In addition to the stage performance, there will be an exhibition area where visitors can get a close look at the delicate and glittering puppets, and the key points of "Wayankuri" will be fully introduced. The theater will also feature Javanese dance and gamelan (Indonesian bronze percussion instrument) performances, filling the theater with a Java Island atmosphere.
④Promotion Performance Kumiodori Appreciation Class "Nido Tekiuchi"
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In order to convey the fascination of Kumiodori to the next generation and to cultivate new audiences, a session with easy, approachable contents targeted for parents and children to enjoy Kumiodori will be held. The first part, "How to Enjoy Kumiodori," will introduce how to appreciate Kumiodori and the rules of Kumiodori. The second part will be watching the performance of "Nido Tekiuchi" (scripted by Chokun Tamagusuku), a masterpiece of a revenge story. which will be performed under the guidance of a master of the art, including the participation of trainees who have completed the training course.

Admission Fee/Participation FeeCharged per event
Hosting OrganizationNational Theatre Okinawa Operation Foundation
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