"Iza Shurijo Reiwa No Kobikishiki"
(Wooden Lumbar Parade of the Shurijo Castle in the Reiwa Era)



Sat. Oct 29 to Thu.(P.H.) Nov 3

LocationVarious Locations within Okinawa
Kunigami Village Forest Park, Kokusai-Dori Street, surrounding areas near Shurijo Castle

In conjunction with the commencement of the restoration of the main hall of Shurijo Castle (Shurijo Seiden) scheduled this fall, a parade will be held with vehicles carrying lumber for the restoration of the main hall, which has been fundraised through donations. The event will be held on-site at Kunigami Village Forest Park (Kunigami Village), Kokusai-Dori Street (Naha City), and areas around the Shurijo Castle. The event will also be streamed.

Admission Fee/Participation FeeFree Admission
Hosting OrganizationReiwa Shurijo Castle Restoration Event Executive Committee (Okinawa Prefecture, Kunigami Village, Naha City, Okinawa Churashima Foundation)
For InquiresReiwa Shurijo Castle Restoration Event "Kobikishiki" Secretariat
Phone: 098-863-5549
Fax: 098-867-2733
E-mail: reiwa-syurijoft-souken.co.jp