Welcoming Receptions of Municipalities/International Exchange Organizations

Ginowan City
『The Worldwide Jinōnchu Welcoming Reception』



Wed. Nov 2

LocationGinowan City
Laguna Garden Hotel

This is a welcoming reception to welcome persons who have family roots in Ginowan City from all over the world.
This is an exchange event to deepen friendship among Uchinanchu such as the citizens and relatives, and to celebrate the 60th year milestone of the establishment of Ginowan City together.
Capacity:250 Persons
How and Where to Assemble:①All participants to assemble at the venue OR ②Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha (Bus Service Available)
*Participation is open to overseas and those residing outside of Okinawa who have family roots in each municipality. Please contact the muniicpality directly for details.

Hosting OrganizationGinowan City
For InquiresMAIL:Kikaku06@city.ginowan.okinawa.jp