The 7th World Uchinanchu Festival

2022 (Reiwa 4) Event date set


The "World Uchinanchu Festival" honors the achievements of Okinawan people from all over the world, recognises the great value of the community heritage of Okinawa , and seeks to expand and develop the Uchina network through exchanges with Okinawan citizens around the world. The purpose is to bring people together, reaffirm their roots and identity, and thereby be able to pass them on to the next generation.

The festival is sponsored by the Uchinanchu Festival Executive Committee of the world, which is organized by Okinawa Prefecture and related organizations, and has been held approximately once every five years since the first festival in 1990 (Heisei 2). It has been held 6 times so far.

Getting to Okinawa

Information on how to get to Okinawa from Japan and overseas. We will also provide information on transportation to each venue, etc.

Okinawa municipal information

This page introduces the cities, towns and villages of Okinawa Prefecture. There are 41 municipalities in the prefecture. In order to introduce each unique municipality, we have set up a link to the homepage of each municipality. (Click the name of the municipality to jump to the homepage of each municipality.)

okinawa_map miyako -irabu- miyako isigaki-taketomi- isigakisi ieson kunigamison higasison oogimi nagosi nakijin motobutyou ginoza onnna kinntyou uruma okinawa yomitan kadena tyatan kitanakagusuku nakagusuku ginowan urasoe nisihara yonabaru haebaru nahasi tomigusuku yaese itoman nanjou


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